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Jan. 26th, 2012 11:05 pm
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Because when my mac died and delicious deleted my account I lost so many icons.


Gunnerkrigg Court: Everyone should be reading this! It's an intricately plotted tale of two girls, a mysterious school, magic and science. Don't be turned off by the early art, it develops quite quickly into what you see in the latest page.
Coyote stories. ...Just click that page and start reading. Then go back to the start and binge.

Cucumber Quest: This is where so many of my adorable icons come from! Done by the same author as the Hiiimdaisy stuff, this is pretty art meshed with clever world building and a hilarious, adorable plot. It's the tale of a boy who just wants to go to school instead of becoming the hero, his sister the most bad-ass little girl in existence, and their adventures in saving the world.
Dat art.

Hemlock: A fairly new fantasy comic based off slavic mythos about a witch. The art style grows on you quickly, and it's a quick read!
No spoilers.


Oglaf: Mostly NSFW, no seriously, sexy and joking comic that has LBGT and a whole lot of other things. Tends to be short stories updated on Sundays, some are entirely self-contained but others are re-visited down the track.
SFW self-contained single page and NSFW self-contained single page.

Johnny Wander: Mostly the adventures of their group of friends mixed with fantasy stories. It's funny, cute and often sweet.
Girl with the skeleton hand.
Kitty comic.

Three Panel Soul: Three panel comics. The art is really, really good.
On waitlists.

The punchline is Machismo: Hilarious comic involving a lot of macho video game characters and the 'real' world.
The king of everything (Pokemon).

Hark! A vagrant: Absolutely hilarious... Everything. A mix of very silly stuff and historical facts. Got a shout out on Adventure Time, too. Chances are if you haven't read this, you've still seen a parody of the oooh Mr Darcy comic.

Gag a Day/Other
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Black comedy gag a day, but covers a wide range of topics and is fairly intelligent about it. Most of the time.

The Perry Bible Fellowship: Another dark comedy gag comic, this is very slow to update, but there's a solid amount in the archive!
The last unicorn.

Nedroid: Surreal comedy comic.

Garfield minus Garfield: A surreal comic that takes the Garfield strips... And removes Garfield to show Jon's slow descent into depressing and madness. Way better than it sounds.
Garfield minus Garfield

A softer world: ...You're all RPers, you know this one.

Something Positive Is pretty negative.

Other comics I've tried and dropped for various reasons are practically infinite...


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